The Difference

I don’t have a “My Great Grandmother brought this recipe with her from the old country” story about how Granolove got started, but its beginnings are still a good narrative. Granolove was born…well… out of love, for my two children and my husband and my desire to feed them better than the prepackaged options available to me at the grocery store.

Whenever I saw the options – the brightly colored, artificial additives, “trying to appeal to kids and parents at the same time” cereals, I knew I didn’t want to feed my kids’ brains and bodies with that stuff. So I made this granola. It’s grown and evolved over the years, but continues to be simple, wholesome and real. It’s not low-fat, low-cal or low-sugar. Those types of products usually have too many artificial ingredients to accomplish that. Sure there are about 101 granolas out there, but ours is unique. The flavor combinations will have you hooked. It’s honey-roasted, crunchier, moister, stickier, I don’t know, it’s just different. I think the secret ingredient is, love.

If you like granola, you’re going to love Granolove