Granolove & Shriners

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase is donated to the Shriners Hospitals for Children, specifically the St. Louis Hospital. That is where our daughter Jude is treated.  Jude was a big inspiration for Granolove.  My desire to stay home and take care of her and her big brother is one of the reasons I started Granolove.

Jude was born without all her bones, and some of the ones she did get, weren’t formed correctly.  She is a beautiful little girl, and I’m not just saying that because I’m her Mother.  What I find most amazing about Jude is that given all the things she’s had to endure in her short life, she’s still a funny, smiling, bouncing little girl, who likes to tell her older brother Joey “no” a lot.  All the kids at Shriners have been through more than your typical child, and they manage to come through it smiling too.  I learn a lesson from them every time we go there. If these children can manage a smile through their pain and the treatments, what do I ever have to complain about?

Shriners treats children, regardless of their ability to pay, and the nurses, doctors and staff there are performing miracles.  Our daughter is just one example.  In Jude’s right arm, the humerus and radius (upper arm and forearm bones) were fused together.  She couldn’t bend it or straighten it.  It was locked.  She was facing a future where she would be unable to feed herself or fix her own hair.  But Dr. Charles Goldfarb at Shriners performed a surgery that gave her a makeshift elbow.  Now she feeds herself no problem, and she’s trying to brush her hair 🙂

When you buy Granolove, you’re also helping spread the love.


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