About Granolove

Hi, I’m Christine! This is my husband Joe, our son Joey and our daughter Jude. I used to be a (television) news anchor in Springfield, Missouri (at the ABC affiliate). Life was hectic trying to juggle daycares and still look camera ready after many a sleepless night.

Finally we reached the breaking point that so many families reach. We just couldn’t do it all anymore. I left my job, mainly to stay home with the kids. But then there’s always that nagging concern, “what am I going to do for income?” I tapped into my three-year stint at a food marketing company and decided to take our unique granola recipe to market. Literally, the Farmer’s Market here in Springfield. That’s how we started, and now we’re selling it on the worldwide web. Granolove is my salvation because it became a way for me to:

  • Feed my family right for the most important meal of the day. We eat the Original almost every morning with yogurt or milk.
  • Be home with my kids when they needed me.
  • Stop stressing out about my calling in life. I find baking and cooking therapeutic and creative.
  • It fulfills Maslow’s self-actualization requirement for me.

Now I’m not just spreading the love to my family, but also to everyone who wants some real food that tastes really, really good, and who wouldn’t want that in their life? These days it’s hard to feed yourself and your family without processed sugar, preservatives and chemical additives coming into the equation. That’s why we created Granolove.

It’s perfect for so many eating occasions, not just breakfast.