My Excellent War on Mediocrity

I am sick and tired of things that are just okay… mediocrity has got to go!

I’m frustrated at the constant state of being underwhelmed by things that I buy, the services I pay for, and many people in general… not all of you reading this of course – just in general, so please keep reading!

When did it become acceptable in our society to feel good about just getting something finished no matter how crappy the job was done?    It reminds me of the sad point I heard someone make once that every time you drive over a very high bridge try not to think about the contractors who built it using minimum government standards.

The abundance of mediocrity makes me long for excellence and darn it, I want to do something about it so I’m going to war.

It’s not a war with people or organizations, but a “pay it forward” kind of war.   I’m going to start striving for excellence in my life in everything that I do, and hope that makes some small difference, a little ripple in the sea of people that leads to something greater.


Wayne and Garth- No Mediocrity in Millewaukay

It’s not that I don’t try to be good at everything I do; the desire is there for all of us.   But in the exasperating moments when I’ve spent hours in front of a computer and just need to finish a project I’m often tempted to just get it finished.

At the end of the day when my patience is gone and I have those special moments with my wife and children before bed I often don’t take advantage of them like I should.  Instead I let my handheld brain (my cellphone) steal my attention and I don’t make the most out of that special time that I look forward too all day long.

Mediocrity is cheating all of us out of the things we work so hard for… things like achievement, money, recognition, advancement and even leisure time.

Watching the Olympic trials and anticipating the Olympic games in Rio has fired me up!   There’s something inspiring about seeing people who devote their lives to being the best in the world at something physically, and then test their skill against others in a spirited competition held every four years.

You can’t help but think you too can be great when you hear stories of a young gymnast who came from broken home in Ohio to be called the best gymnast ever.

Isn’t that part of the very essence of life?

  • Want something bad enough
  • Work hard for it
  • Don’t give up
  • Achieve

At 53 I don’t have any illusions of making the Olympics, but I can commit completely to what I’m doing with my life, work hard for it and never give up.

I’m going to start with my family and my job, my priority and my biggest challenge.

And then I’m going to tackle golf.

I started hacking around courses when I was in high school.  I’ve never been good but love the feeling of being on a golf course – focusing on a game and challenging myself.  I’ve always told myself, “You don’t have to be good- just have fun”.   I think it’s time to have fun AND be good.


Danny Noonan breaks out of Mediocrity, “I want to be good sir!” Caddyshack

I’ve been mediocre long enough… time to start being excellent.